Building a Core Network to Seamlessly Connect Data Producers to Data Consumers


Sunday, April 24 | 11:15 AM - 11:35 AM


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With maturity and adoption of Nextgen TV standards, broadcasters are poised to benefit from surplus bandwidth capacity. Using SFN transmission infrastructure this capacity can be maximized throughout the coverage area. This poses new questions regarding how this increased capacity can be used by broadcasters to further their missions and expand revenue. Can an open-architecture system enable data providers and consumers to easily exchange contracts, information, and deliver content to end-consumer devices whether B2C or B2B?

The underlying challenge for deployment of this new technology is to create a configurable and interoperable system that meets the system requirements while providing a scalable model across a multitude of platforms.

A successful deployment of a datacasting system must address the following:

  • Discovery of available bandwidth capacity
  • Connecting data consumers and providers seamlessly
  • Exchanging the content to be delivered efficiently
  • Transmitting the datacast content correctly
  • Prioritizing and optimizing delivery based on different business models
  • Consuming and distributing the content within homes, businesses, and facilities
  • And finally, tracking and reporting delivery of the content.

This paper describes a system design that overcomes these challenges and uses real-world case studies to show how it can increase opportunities for broadcasters.

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ATSC 3.0 / Next Gen TV Datacasting


Azita Manson

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Paper Presentation