Why Can’t Media in the Cloud Be As Easy (or Easier!) Than Media On-Prem?


Sunday, April 24 | 1:55 PM - 2:15 PM


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The shift of virtually every aspect of the media business to the cloud is a reality. Many extoll the wide-ranging benefits of this move, from increased agility, efficiency, decreased costs, and the list goes on. While there are certainly potential benefits of such a move, they often come at a cost.

Remember the old term “plug and play”? In the good old days of connecting physical equipment, as long as you had the right boxes, cables and connectors, you often could just plug equipment together, and be up and running in no time. Unfortunately, it’s not quite so simple when trying to connect media products in the cloud. In general, the world of software is far more flexible than the world of hardware, and this is where the real “gotchas” are.

The places where integration in the cloud can be tripped up are seemingly endless. But does it really need to be so complex?

Why can’t we just connect up products from multiple vendors, across platforms, and have them “just work”? Who’s working on making this a reality?

We’ll dive into the current challenges, and the promise that some day soon, connecting media products in the cloud and realizing the true power of a cloud environment will be a reality.

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Cloud Computing for Broadcast


Chris Lennon
Executive Director
Open Services Alliance

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Paper Presentation