How to Capitalize on Next-Gen Targeted Advertising Opportunities With AI and Analytics


Sunday, April 24 | 1:55 PM - 2:15 PM


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Video service providers are in a challenging situation, made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. Service providers are facing an increase in cord cutting, growing competition from agile competitors and SVOD, a rise in content rights prices coupled with the loss of exclusive content, and a decreasing share of viewing time and advertiser revenue. 

Targeted TV advertising has emerged as a promising solution to reduce churn and increase revenues, with a return rate of about 70% amongst advertisers. But to succeed at targeted advertising, service providers must be able to attain valuable, in-depth insights into viewers’ behaviors and preferences.

This session will examine how operators can overcome the complexities of the targeted advertising ecosystem and common delivery challenges. In particular, the session will highlight how operators can leverage AI-based targeted advertising systems to take advantage of new revenue opportunities such as the “freemium-to-premium” pipeline, monetization of catch-up content, and ad insertion and replacement in the UI. Powerful, AI-based data analytics and insights optimize the efficiency and scope of operators’ target audience segmentation, ensuring highly effective advertising and more personalized television experiences.

Session attendees will learn strategies for simplifying the delivery of targeted advertising, along with the significance of AI-based data analytics in fully monetizing targeted TV ads and protecting viewers’ data in compliance with privacy-related legislations.

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OTT 3: Business Considerations


Guillaume Lossois
TV Solutions Architect

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Paper Presentation