What Went Wrong and How Can We Fix It? A Practical Approach to Cybersecurity for Broadcasters


Monday, April 25 | 10:55 AM - 11:15 AM


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In this session we will review the latest cyber-attacks on the Broadcast Industry including the Cox and Sinclair attacks. We will review the attack vectors in general and the most common attack vectors for broadcasters. We would also discuss some of the common misconceptions in popular cyber security like, “Isolation from the public internet provides an effective defense” and other myths.

Next, we will review the available tools available to broadcasters to mount an EFFECTIVE defense, that goes beyond the “feel-good” firewall and anti-virus and focus on Broadcaster specific tools.

Finally, we will provide recommendations for ongoing work and continued security for broadcasters, so broadcaster networks are protected enough to prevent a major hit against their networks and hosts.

This session is targeted at both broadcast engineers and executives. It will give the engineers the tools to secure their infrastructure and the executive the means to understand the potential risk their organization is exposed to from cyber-attacks.

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Cybersecurity in Broadcast Facilities


Motty Anavi
Sr. System Architect & GM
Video Flow

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Paper Presentation