NDI in the Master Control Room


Monday, April 25 | 12:55 PM - 1:15 PM


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It’s no secret that NDI is the new face of revolution in information transmitting. Capable of higher quality information transfer, broadcast quality videos can be delivered and received in a frame-accurate format. This high-quality transmission makes it an ideal choice for switching in a live production environment within the Master Control room. NDI streams are able to transmit a full frame full resolution version of videos and a lower resolution proxy version that can reduce the load on networks when streaming to multi-viewers, vision mixers and preview screens. Its ability to multicast and switch to full resolution version of video transmissions makes it the ideal choice to use in a Master Control room. In the inclusive case study, we will explore how Mondo TV in Belgrade, Serbia, integrates NDI technology in the master control room effectively, making it the world’s first fully NDI connected system. 

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IP-Based Video Facilities


Fabio Gattari
Etere pte ltd

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Paper Presentation