Optimized Camera Integration in IP-Based Workflows and Infrastructures


Monday, April 25 | 12:35 PM - 12:55 PM


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The increasing availability of powerful IP infrastructures opens up new application possibilities for system cameras in media and entertainment applications. Additional IP interfaces on camera base stations have enabled initial applications to be covered and experience to be gained in a first step. However, the question arises as to how the integration of cameras in IP infrastructures can be optimized in such a way that an improved workflow can be achieved for almost all use cases. This includes the possibility to adapt the bandwidth requirements of the cameras to the existing IP bandwidths, but also the possibility to do all this without external conversion of the video signals to IP signals. The paper will highlight the various challenges and present possible solutions based on camera systems with fully integrated IP connectivity.

A Sub-Session Under:

IP-Based Video Facilities


Klaus Weber
Director, Camera PLM
Grass Valley

Session Type:
Paper Presentation