Adopting New Cloud Workflows and Making Live Happen in this New Normal


Tuesday, April 26 | 9:15 AM - 9:35 AM


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The COVID-19 pandemic forced producers to think differently about how to deliver quality content. The approach, workflow, gear, budgets, and onsite requirements were drastically different from the traditional way producers “made it happen.” Remote monitoring and control in this “work from home” new normal means producers need tools and resources to coordinate all of the behind-the-scenes moving pieces. We’ll talk about those cloud solutions and the lessons learned along the way as broadcasters learned to pivot and adapt to working fully remote and “keeping the lights” on for content.  

In our changed reality, workflows need to be sustainable for everyone in the production process to perform their job from anywhere – ensuring broadcasters can cope with new or unexpected challenges and reduce the environmental impact of shipping equipment or travelling to a studio to get reliable broadcast-grade live video.


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Remote and Work-from-Home Operations


Dan Pisarski
VP of Engineering

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Paper Presentation