The SaaS Opportunity In The Post-COVID-19 Era


Tuesday, April 26 | 10:40 AM - 11:00 AM


W11100 - CMIP Presentation Theater
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COVID-19 has impacted the traditional distribution market and boosted D2C adoption for the global video production industry. Within this context, small companies and organisations can now benefit from accessing their own B2C OTT platforms thanks to the SaaS model. SaaS video solutions will continue to rise in the post-COVID-19 era since they ensure both technical and business advantages. Being based on cloud technology, SaaS platforms offer reliable, affordable and flexible service without the need to take care of any infrastructure - solution providers are responsible for all the maintenance of the service, security and the infrastructure itself. This presentation will explain the benefits of Alpha Networks’ ready-to-launch, all-in-one SaaS platform including more than 250 functionalities.


Alexandre Mathieu
Product Manager
Alpha Networks

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Connected Media IP (CMIP)

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