iLux ATSC-3 Encoding System: Exceptional Configuration Flexibility For Any Application


Sunday, April 24 | 12:40 PM - 1:00 PM


W10619 - CMIP Debate Theater
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ATSC-3 is just not an audio-video broadcast pipe, it opens the doors to very powerful data applications that can cost-effectively deliver information to a vast number of end devices. With its OTA/OTT design, ATSC-3 opens an amazing array of new opportunities and viewer interactive potential. igolgi’s iLux platform offers exceptional quality audio-video processing for broadcast delivery of content. In addition, the platform integrates data ingest and packaging capabilities for a variety of data applications such as software updates, educational content, emergency services, distribution, and much more. Easy to set up and monitor, the iLux split architecture offers a variety of hardware and software configurations to allow for flexible deployment models. 


Jeff Cooper
CEO & Co-Founder
Kumar Ramaswamy
President & Co-Founder

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Connected Media IP (CMIP)

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