Programmatic in Podcasting – Positive or Negative?


Tuesday, April 26 | 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM


N5728 - Capitalize Experiential Zone
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As more marketing dollars flood the podcast ad space, the urgency around adapting programmatic technology for the buying and placing of ad content in the channel has reached a fever pitch. Publishers and networks rightly see the success of streaming audio and have identified an additional lane for revenue, but is our industry weighing the pros and cons? Krystina Rubino, general manager of the offline and podcast marketing practice at Right Side Up, lived through the programmatic rush in digital display media, and has concerns. Will programmatic really benefit advertisers, publishers, and creators, or will it ultimately dilute the magic of the podcast ad for all parties involved?


Krystina Rubino
General Manager, Offline Marketing Practice
Right Side Up


Jared Easley
Vice President, Content and Community
Podcast Movement
Dan Franks
Podcast Movement

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Case Study
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Podcast Movement