Interactive NextGen Broadcast TV


Sunday, April 24 | 9:35 AM - 9:55 AM


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Broadcast TV has traditionally been an experience where viewers channel surf to find something to watch. Today, people are accustomed to searching and selecting content they want to watch or listen to by using an over the top (OTT) service on their smart TV or connected device. Advancements in ATSC 3.0 technology offer broadcasters the ability evolve Broadcast TV into an interactive experience that rivals and potentially can surpass some of the popular OTT services.

The NextGen Broadcast Application is a robust solution developed by broadcasters that brings the newsroom to the viewer. It can be delivered via ATSC 3.0 broadcast signal or it can be downloaded via a broadband connection. The NextGen Broadcast Application transforms traditional Broadcast TV into a customizable interactive experience where viewers can easily access the latest news, weather, and so much more whenever they want. In addition, EAS and FEMA alerts that come through the DASDEC and BNA alerts from the newsroom can be enriched with more information and be updated in real time. This is an open-source solution designed to help all broadcasters fully transition into the NextGen of Broadcast TV.

This paper will showcase the NextGen Broadcast Application and its features. We will explore the interactive experiences users can engage with our newsroom today. We will also unpack the ability for broadcasters to customize the look and feel, incorporate audio and video content feeds, and the enrichment of NextGen Alerts with content from the newsroom, including images, maps, URLs, and even on demand videos that can be updated in real time. Since the NextGen Broadcast Application is already live in many markets, we will walkthrough some of the current implementations. Additionally, we will explore the possibilities of connecting to the newsroom computer systems to automate certain tasks, monetization opportunities to generate revenue through dynamic ad insertion, sponsored UI themes, premium DRM protected VOD content, eLearning services, and gaming.­­

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ATSC 3.0 / Next Gen TV Applications


Mike Kralec
SVP, Chief Technology Officer
Sinclair Broadcast Group

Session Type:
Paper Presentation