The 99.99% Solution: Four-Nines Reliability from Cloud-Native Television Architectures


Sunday, April 24 | 10:55 AM - 11:15 AM


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The increasing shift to the cloud for delivery of video content is creating a need for solutions that leverage the flexibility and cost-efficiency of these architectures without sacrificing the reliability and high performance of broadcast.  This presentation discusses the ability of 100% cloud-based architectures to deliver the 99.99% availability – even for live events – required by today’s demanding consumers. 

A 2017 Mux survey noted that 93% of viewers have abandoned a stream because of quality problems; today, with OTT now in 24% more homes than traditional pay-TV (Parks Associates’ Video Service Dashboard), the stakes are higher. In addition, the migration of live sports to OTT and the proliferation of 4K and large screen displays are further eroding consumers’ tolerance for video disruptions.  

A solution in use by a major sports network demonstrates how the principles embodied in SMPTE 2022-7 have been proven capable of supporting direct-to-consumer telecasts of high-value live sporting events. In the network’s infrastructure:  

Content from a single source is sent via two identical streams using different paths to separate encoding devices.  

Encoding content is delivered to two separate origins, again using separate paths, and then to the CDN.  

Using seamless protection switching, the receiving devices can switch automatically from one stream to the other in the event of interruptions, enabling any disruption – from a single dropped packet to loss of the entire stream – to be corrected in real time without compromising the viewing experience. 

This presentation would discuss the architectural, workflow and other considerations necessary to establish and maintain a fully-redundant cloud native architecture that can withstand the demands of a live-events broadcast environment.

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Prabu Chelladurai
VP, Product Management and Customer Success
Firstlight Media
Juan Martin
Chief Technology Officer
Firstlight Media
Jerald Mejarla
Chief Architect
Firstlight Media

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