HDR Challenges and Solutions


Sunday, April 24 | 12:35 PM - 12:55 PM


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Where content producers needed to make drastic choices to allocate the limited contrast and colors in SDR, HDR offers the possibility to show more - meaning greater freedom and flexibility for their storytelling.

However, while future-proof, HDR content presents its own challenges, for example, the wide variation in HDR display capabilities and the desire to have any production, HDR or SDR, play optimally on any display, HDR or SDR.

The general solution to this issue is tone mapping, whether a tone compression to map from HDR to a lower HDR or SDR luminance, or tone expansion to map from SDR or HDR to a higher HDR luminance.

Various techniques of tone mapping, including HLG, static look-up tables, and dynamic metadata, are considered and the relative advantages and performance analyzed.

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Ultra HD Video and UHDTV Broadcasting


Bill Redmann
Director of Standards, Immersive Media Technologies

Session Type:
Paper Presentation