Advanced Security Using a NoCode Media Integration Platform


Monday, April 25 | 11:15 AM - 11:35 AM


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Security is one of the hot topics today as many key companies in all sectors has suffered cyber attacks with a huge impact in their business.

While ransomware attacks have been around for many years, there is evidence that organized cyber crime entities are investing heavily as the number of attacks and the sophistication is growing exponentially. Garmin was hacked on July 2021 what left millions of devices without service for a few days, causing a huge impact in the business.

Some companies from the M&E industry have also been affected but these attacks, such as Sinclair Broadcast (Oct. 2021) and more recently SIC, the third terrestrial television station in Portugal.

In this paper we will show some of the best practices to protect the content production using the new NoCode iPaaS for Media paradigm, that offers a cybersecurity framework that protects at all levels, from the standard IT infrastructure up to the applications and more importantly at the Media Production level.

We will show the different levels of Security, what risks can be introduced for the Cloud Operation, the Security applied to the M&E industry aligned with the Movielabs Enhanced Content Protection for Production (ECPP), recommended security practices and finally what are the main advantages and improvements when using a NoCode Media Integration Platform.

Some of them will include: platform agnostic cloud tools, such as Infrastructure as a Code Deployments, Zero Trust approaches (in opposition to the VPN false security), the abstraction layers provided from the NoCode Media Integration Platform in terms of systems and media locations and many other advanced features that can be defined as workflow-defined security.

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Cybersecurity in Broadcast Facilities


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