Changing the Landscape of FM Broadcast Antenna Technology


Tuesday, April 26 | 1:55 PM - 2:15 PM


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It has been many years since a new game changing technology in FM broadcast antenna design has been introduced to the market. The many advantaged of slotted coaxial pylon antenna technology that has benefitted the UHF and high band VHF broadcast community for decades can now be realized in the FM band. Those benefits include smaller size leading to low wind load, less parts and less connections leading to higher reliability and a high degree of both azimuth and elevation pattern flexibility. In most applications, the use of slotted coaxial antennas has been limited to single channel television operation. In this paper, the use of slotted coaxial pylon antenna technology in the FM band is presented. Discussion includes the techniques used to increase the bandwidth of pylon technology producing a product capable of full FM band operation.

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New Radio Transmission Technologies


John Schadler
Vice President Engineering

Session Type:
Paper Presentation