Saving Lives - Rapid Alerts Using RDS for Earthquake and Fire Warnings


Tuesday, April 26 | 2:15 PM - 2:35 PM


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A proven radio broadcast-based emergency notification system has successfully completed a rigorous evaluation in Butte County, California where the 2019 CAMP Fire destroyed the town of Paradise and where 85 souls were lost. Using satellite connectivity to FM radio stations, this text-based emergency notification system rapidly delivers secure, encrypted alerts to residents, schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial facilities in 5 seconds or less. These alerts help save lives and reduce injuries by giving people time to take a protective action and direction. The Alert FM Platform also provides to the U.S. West Coast, the USGS ShakeAlert service which also delivers in under 5 seconds a warning to Drop, Cover, and Hold On. FM radio-based platforms are unique as they deliver alerts based on data using the existing nationwide FM broadcasting network. These systems provide multiple redundant backup transmitters connected by satellite to deliver secure transmission of a single point-to-multipoint messaging, multi-layered by “need to know” groupings without the nodal vulnerability of other communication systems.

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New Radio Transmission Technologies


Matthew Straeb

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