Deployment of Advanced Emergency Alerting and Informing (AEA&I) Services: A Progress Report


Sunday, April 24 | 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM


W6428 - Connect Experiential Zone
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Of all the interactive services broadcasters can bring to their communities, emergency alerting and informing is the one service where broadcasters have many home court advantages. Broadcasters now field more local news reporters than any other local media (including newspapers) and have a hardened wireless communication system that stays up when other systems do not. 

Speakers will give attendees an up-to-date progress report on the deployment of this service. Topics will include:  
  • Photos from the most recent deployments with an explanation of how broadcasters are delivering the service, what consumers will see on their screens, and how they can interact with it.   
  • How consumers can personalize this service.  
  • The role of the broadcast newsroom 
  • How this service can help local broadcasters and local emergency managers work more closely together. 
  • Research on the NextGen broadcast emergency information service features that consumers most want, and the value they place on it.  
  • Preliminary test data on early deployments 


John Lawson
Executive Director
AWARN Alliance
Peter Sockett
Director of Engineering and Operations & Television - Engineering Achievement Award Recipient
Capitol Broadcasting Company
So Vang
VP of Emerging Technologies
ONE Media 3.0 / Sinclair Broadcast Group


Josh Gordon
TV Industry Strategist
ONE Media 3.0

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