Essential Effects in Final Cut Pro


Sunday, April 24 | 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM


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Final Cut Pro comes with some amazing effects built-in. We’ll look at best practices for using some of those effects that come “in the box.” However what comes in the box may not always meet your needs; That’s when it’s time to think outside the box – 3rd party solutions.   There are a lot of Plugins out there - and finding the right one to meet your needs can get pretty confusing. This session will explore some of the best plugins out there – whether is to fix problems such as flickering lights or video noise…or plugins that can help take the look of your show to the next level.


Attendees will learn

  • The top five built-in effects to solve problems in your edit
  • Some of the best 3rd party effects for solving video and audio problems.
  • Effect packages that can notch up the look of your video
  • Where you can find even more of the 100’s of FCPx effects in wild.


Audience: Editors familiar with FCPx looking to improve the look and sound of their shows.


Steve Martin
Ripple Training, Inc.

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