Diversity Is The Mother Of Innovation And Success


Monday, April 25 | 5:00 PM - 5:40 PM


W10619 - CMIP Debate Theater
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Featuring senior executives from leading media technology vendors, industry associations and service providers, this lively panel will look at the progress the media and entertainment industry is making in terms of diversity and inclusion. Many studies have shown that businesses perform better financially and are more innovative if they have a diverse workforce. In fact, McKinsey & Co examined over 1000 companies across 12 countries and found that firms in the top quartile for gender diversity are 21% more likely to enjoy above-average profitability than companies in the bottom quartile. The start of the new decade saw several positive signs, including at WEF Davos 2020 where diversity and inclusion were high on the agenda, and Goldman Sachs CEO announcing that the company would not take a US or European company to IPO unless it had a least one diverse board member. And then along came COVID-19! So where are we now? How has the pandemic impacted the reality of diversity in tech and are there reasons to be hopeful we are still on track to achieving equality across our industry? This panel will discuss the here and now of diversity in the tech sector, examining real initiatives and the progress they are making.


Tracey Arrowood-Shaw
Chairwoman of the Event Committee
For A Bright Future
Gay Bell
Platform Communications
Amy DeLouise
Director, Producer and Founder
Michelle Duke
Chief Diversity Officer & President, NAB Leadership Foundation
National Association of Broadcasters
Yaya Selva
Global Marketing Director
Net Insight
Nicki Sun
Host + Creative Director, NAB Show Spokesperson
Nicki Sun Media | TechNicki Speaking

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