Intelligent Conversations: What Does Intelligent Content Mean for Content Creation?


Sunday, April 24 | 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM


W3122 - Intelligent Content Experiential Zone
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How can Intelligent Content and new technologies assist us in producing content? We all know that content creation is a time-consuming and collaborative endeavour. And it can be prohibitively expensive. How can Intelligent content, (A.I., Machine Learning, Automation, Data Analytics etc.) make our lives easier in one of the most hard-working, labor-intensive and costly industries there is? And how can it directly help us in our creative endeavours? 

We will cover such topics as… 

  • How is Intelligent Content and new technology innovating production?
  • What specific developments have happened/are happening in all areas of production? 
  • Will A.I. be able to actually make content soon / in the future? 
  • Addressing the ‘elephant in the room’ – will it take our jobs? 
  • What future predictions are there for how IC will improve the production industry? 

Following this session, join us in the Intelligent Content Implementation Zone for a guided networking discussion with you peers on this same topic!


Intelligent Networking: What Does Intelligent Content Mean for Content Creation?


Guy Finley
Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA)
Laurie Hutto-Hill
Vice President Consulting Services, Communication, Media & Technology (CMT)
Ling Ling Sun
Chief Technology Officer
Nebraska Public Media


Jennifer Wolfe
Content Partner
NAB Amplify

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