Intelligent Conversations: What Does Intelligent Content Mean for Connecting With Your Audience?


Monday, April 25 | 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM


W3122 - Intelligent Content Experiential Zone
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How do we utilize Intelligent Content to locate and reach our potential consumers? In a wildly different landscape with multiple outlets for content delivery (that increase all the time) how do we target and find our viewers? We will be discussing the ways in which Intelligent Content can help us engage our audiences and find them (and help them find our content) in a crowded landscape. 

We will cover topics such as… 

  • Is broadcast TV dead (or dying)? 
  • How do Algorithms and Data Analytics help us understand our viewers? 
  • How can we use Intelligent Content to target our viewers and CAMPAIGN for their time? 
  • What are the new methods of delivery (including streaming, channels, online and in-game etc.) that are being created using smart technology? 
  • How do we rethink they ways in which we reach audiences? 

Following this session, join us in the Intelligent Content Implementation Zone for a guided networking discussion with you peers on this same topic!


Intelligent Networking: What Does Intelligent Content Mean for Connecting With Your Audience?


Chaitanya Chinchlikar
Vice President, CTO & Head of Emerging Media
Whistling Woods International
Badhrinath Krishnamoorthy
Vice President & Markets Head
Katherine Lenhart
VP, Sales


Jennifer Wolfe
Content Partner
NAB Amplify

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