Schreiber, Jason

Schreiber, Jason

Managing Director at SixArms

Jason is the Founder and Director of Sixarms, a specialist RF Consultancy company using drone based RF measurement systems to improve test and measurement practices. He has been involved in RF antenna and coverage systems since 1998 and has worked in the broadcast and telecommunications space in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, England and the US. 

He has worked as a compliance engineer, RF coverage engineer, antenna engineer, electromagnetic emissions engineer as well as transmission team manager and now runs Sixarms, a technology driven company using UAVs to collect RF signal information to characterize and optimize transmission systems. 

He has delivered projects for clients that have involved the use of manned aircraft (helicopters) to measure their transmissions as well as land based measurements using purpose built 'coverage vans'. His knowledge in the area has been vital for the success of the ARMS (Airborne Radio Measurement System) product. His strength is in the technology domain and in identifying gaps, problems and inadequacies in current measurement trends.   

Jason has been managing Sixarms' business for almost 6 years from its inception and has steered it towards significant growth in its consultancy services as well as developed a commercial products around antenna pattern verification and field measurements. 

Drones as a Viable TV and Radio RF Measurement Tool: Success Stories
Monday, April 25 2:15 PM - 2:35 PM