Bharadwaj, Harish

Bharadwaj, Harish

Lead AI Scientist at Prime Focus Technologies

Harish has been the Lead AI Scientist at Prime Focus Technologies for over three years. As a part of the AI/ML team, Harish focuses on Computer Vision and its applications in the Media and Entertainment space.

Harish has over 4 years’ experience in Research in the Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Lab, Indian Institute of Science. Before working with PFT, he was a part of the ADAS Division in SMR Automotive, working on applications including Semantic Scene Segmentation, Traffic Light Recognition, and Lane Departure Warning.

During his stint in PFT, Harish has worked in bringing the essence of Computer Vision, and Machine Learning to M&E problems such as Scene Segmentation, Video Comparator, amongst others and has been part of a larger group working on "Making AI work for you."

CLEAR AI for Segmentation
Sunday, April 24 9:55 AM - 10:15 AM