Sinon, Jeremy

Sinon, Jeremy

Vice President, Digital Strategy & Digital Leadership Award Recipient at Hubbard Radio

Jeremy Sinon serves as vice president of Digital Strategy for Hubbard Radio, a company that is highly regarded as an industry leader in digital innovation. In his position, Sinon develops strategies and solutions that assist Hubbard, and its portfolio of stations, navigate the many challenges and opportunities that digital platforms provide.

One of Sinon’s key initiatives was conceptualizing, designing and building Hubbard’s robust proprietary streaming platform. The platform, which is accessible via both web and mobile app, provides each Hubbard station ways to gamify the listener experience, communicate directly with listeners via notifications, provide effective marketing for their clients, and build important listener databases. This all in a template that each station can skin and customize to match their individual brands. Sinon also oversees Hubbard’s work in the podcasting space. This work has included launching a unique local podcasting app platform that is being piloted in the company’s Minneapolis and Washington, DC markets. PodMN and PodcastDC are designed to help solve the problem of discovery of locally based podcasts.

Beyond the work he does for Hubbard, Sinon is a strong advocate for the entire radio industry. He consistently volunteers his time through different programs with the NAB, RadioDNS and others that he believes do important work to help chart the industry’s future. He currently is Vice Chair of the NAB Digital Officer Committee.

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