Shelburne, Tom

Shelburne, Tom

EVP Sales & Operations, Americas at Mo-Sys Engineering

From WNEP-TV 16 in Pennsylvania, to NEP, Tom Shelburne is the third generation of his family to make his career in Media & Entertainment. 

Starting his TV journey as an entry-level Tape Operator at a small station, he went on to achieve his goal of becoming a full-time LA news, sports and entertainment Technical Director and earned five Sports Emmys for a live outstanding series.

Having both technical and commercial pedigree, as well as a solid reputation, provides Shelburne with a unique perspective. His Business degrees have provided the backbone for success in managing, operations and innovative broadcast projects - an asset for serving customers and introducing new and disruptive technology. 

SBE Ennes Workshop
Saturday, April 23 10:35 AM - 11:35 AM