Shulkind, Andrew

Shulkind, Andrew

Head of Capture at MSG Sphere Studios

Andrew Shulkind is the Head of Capture and Artist Relations for MSG Sphere Studios, where he leads a diverse team of technologists and creatives developing the innovative next-generation capture tools required to create content for MSG Sphere, an entirely new entertainment medium and multi-sensory platform for today’s artists.  

Andrew is an award-winning director of photography, advanced imaging consultant, and media startup co-founder, and one of the leading industry voices on the future of entertainment.  He has spent over two decades on the front lines of where technology meets entertainment, forging a hybrid future between traditional cinema and advertising with immersive storytelling, experiential engagement, and interactive tools.  

As photography became data capture, Andrew’s work has been some of the most successful, popular and visible examples of live action, high speed photography, stereoscopic cinematography, mixed reality capture, volumetric capture, branching narratives, and high-resolution large format imaging. Andrew has emerged a rare hybrid who understands both the value proposition of an IP-centric entertainment economy as well as what it takes to actually make something good.  

He has previously advised a wide range of leading technology players, studios, and brands on content innovation strategy, including Google, Facebook, Verizon, Microsoft, Sony, Oculus, Samsung, NBA, Live Nation and Riot Games.  He was awarded with the Emerging Cinematographer Award from the International Cinematographers Guild in 2014, the Studio Daily Prime Award for the Innovator of the Year in 2014 and 2016, as well as Variety Magazine’s 10 Cinematographers to Watch in 2018.

Future of Cinema: The Immersive World of MSG Sphere
Saturday, April 23 9:00 AM - 10:20 AM